ORPHEUS VR is a cutting-edge live streaming 360 video/virtual reality (VR) network platform providing HI-DEF LIVE streaming and VR content distribution to media network partners, publishers and business clients. Our core industries are music & entertainment, tourism, healthcare and education.



People don’t just watch a 360/VR video – they live it. At ORPHEUS VR, we create original, immersive 360/VR stories that increase consumer response and engagement.

Why sell your product or service in a flat 2D world when your clients and customers can walk around a virtual store?  Whether your business is entertainment, tourism, health, education or event marketing, ORPHEUS VR places your customers in immersive environments, creating scenarios which elicit hope, joy, motivation and empathy.  This emotionally driven storytelling helps you and your brand cut through the saturated digital ad space and develop deep audience relationships.

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HI-DEF Live Nashville is a concert experience
like none other!


Merging the vibrancy of Music City with the “wow-factor” of live television, HI-DEF LIVE Nashville is your backstage pass to discovering the hottest emerging artists in country, rock, hip-hop, R&B and Americana!

Airing Summer 2017, this monthly concert series showcases 4-5 artists an episode. If you can’t make it to the live show, HI-DEF LIVE concerts are available for a mind-blowing 360/VR experience on our mobile streaming platform.

Know an artist or group who should be on the show?  

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our Services 


We offer our partners and clients the ability to utilize 360 video and virtual reality (VR) to create powerful marketing strategies and branding experiences.


ORPHEUS VR is an industry leader in producing broadcast ultra-high definition 360/VR streaming experiences. We expect the best and our production company only hires the best because we believe quality experience matters. Our film and video crews are network television directors, producers and editors with proven track records in 360 video, VR, Gaming, 4K video, streaming events and ultra-high resolution audio. We utilize GoPro camera arrays, Jaunt & Nokia Ozo 3D rigs as well as the latest 4K television cameras, jibs, cranes and drone technology.



It’s all about immersive storytelling. At ORPHEUS VR, we know how important it is to rise above the “noise” on the Internet. From script to screen, our award-winning team of writers will work with you to understand your audience, industry and goals. We can help you shape a laser-compelling message to inspire and engage your clients in a unique way, setting you apart from the competition.  



ORPHEUS VR creates amazing, interactive, customized 360/VR mobile solutions and apps! With our network of hardware partners, we sync up businesses with the latest headsets, gear and technology. In addition, our team of developers and designers are able to create custom software specifically tailored to the 360/VR experience. We also train your sales and marketing teams on how to use the latest VR/360 emerging technology, boosting performance and your company’s bottom line.



ORPHEUS VR is the first and only 360/VR network platform that provides all your 360/VR needs. From unlimited access to original content -- such as music, entertainment and educational programming -- we deliver an array of compelling immersive 360/VR experiences.  You’ll be able to sail the Pacific Ocean, attend the World Series or create keepsake memories with your own personalized database.



ORPHEUS VR works with your business to create effective marketing tools and videos with 360/VR technology. We arm your sales team with innovative, results-oriented 360/VR videos which wow clients and blow away the competition.  





ORPHEUS VR supports record labels and artists by using 360 video and VR to create immersive, interactive fan experiences.

ORPHEUS VR allows artists to tour the world via a virtual streaming platform, creating a more cost-effective method for engaging new fans and selling music. Our live concerts put music lovers in the room and on stage with their favorite artists through HI-DEF LIVE streaming and 360/VR experiences.

ORPHEUS VR’s dynamic OTT network caters to emerging artists in all genres of music.



Healthcare is another exciting vertical at ORPHEUS VR. We are developing programs to support initiatives specifically geared towards seniors – from better therapy treatments to home care, health monitoring and physical therapy. We also support medical equipment manufacturers by utilizing 360/VR as a selling and training tool for newly developed products.

ORPHEUS VR provides 360/VR  experiences for patients dealing with isolation or depression, suffering anxiety disorders or veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

ORPHEUS VR works with medical staff and hospitals to train employees on 360/VR for both in-patient therapies and as an educational tool for medical procedures.



The 360/VR market is forecast to hit $70 billion in 2020 and now is the time to get on board with this exciting technology! 360/VR destination videos are the hottest innovation in tourism, inspiring travelers as they explore hotels, restaurants and local hotspots.

ORPHEUS VR is excited to be part of this incredible technology, allowing people to see and feel what it’s like to experience the wonders of the world or explore the magic of a new city!

ORPHEUS VR works with Tourism Boards, Chambers of Commerce and local businesses to create virtual experiences for travelers in a variety of settings, while increasing exposure and revenue for cities and local businesses.



ORPHEUS VR provides endless possibilities with 360/VR for virtual classroom experiences. ORPHEUS VR and our partners “gamify” the learning experience, making it easy and fun for students (young and old).

Students build confidence with VR/360 because they can repeat the experience and then apply the knowledge even after they’ve completed the lesson. Tour the ruins of Ancient Rome, explore the mysteries of the deep sea or dive into immersive textbook courses.

These are just some of the exciting ways ORPHEUS VR is empowering educators with innovative, immersive learning tools.




Rebecca Abrahams, CEO/Founder

Rebecca Abrahams, our Chief Executive Officer, is the former creator of THIEL Audio’s entertainment division AURORA, a 4K live streaming concert studio in downtown Nashville.  As THIEL’s Chief Brand Officer, Abrahams conceived and implemented the company’s product rebrand and roadmap to include next generation audio products. She was also instrumental in bringing manufacturing back to the United States. 

Prior to her post at THIEL & AURORA, Ms. Abrahams served as Chief Communications Officer at FortressFone, a mobile security company specializing in encrypted smartphones for U.S. private enterprise. She has an in-depth understanding of emerging mobile security technologies with respect to mobile device management and mobile payments.

Ms. Abrahams is also an accomplished television and film producer, strategist and speechwriter. Her film credits include co-producer, Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery, HBO Documentaries: Thank You Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House: HBO Documentaries and The Hunt for Bin Laden for BBC and Smithsonian Channel.  In addition, Ms. Abrahams has written and produced television ad campaigns for various clients including Discovery Communications Emerging Networks; Investigation Discovery and Science Channel.

Prior to that, Ms. Abrahams was a writer and investigative producer at ABC News in New York and Washington for 13 years. During which time, Abrahams covered international, national and political news and led investigations into 9-11 and electronic voting fraud. She has received numerous awards for her work, including a Peabody for her coverage of the September 11th attacks and four Edward R Murrow awards including honors for her coverage of the Tsunami Disaster and for Overall Excellence in Broadcasting. Ms. Abrahams was also awarded a Scripps Howard Foundation Award and a CINE Golden Eagle for Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery.

Abrahams also has considerable knowledge in new media. As co-creator of's discussion site Live Online, she was instrumental in expanding programming from 10 hours to 60 hours a week of live, moderated discussions.

During her tenure, Abrahams won an Eppy (Editor & Publishing Award) for Best Online Interactive Site in 2000.

A serial entrepreneur, Ms. Abrahams has a keen eye for emerging trends and constantly seeks ways to incorporate new technology into the company’s many projects.


Eleanor Hong, Co-Founder

Eleanor Hong has over 20 years of digital media experience, working across broadcast media sites such as ESPN, ABC News, AOL and The Washington Post.  Her managing roles include optimizing live video coverage and content for web, mobile and app traffic growth and leveraging online consumer engagement and competitor analysis.

Ms. Hong also has a strong editorial background and extensive experience managing search engine optimization (SEO/SEM) and social media strategies.   She has been an industry speaker and contributed her expertise at conferences such as SXSW, SES and Internet Summit. She has utilized digital and social platforms for trending live stream events and game coverage. She has also formerly  contributed to her company colleagues' honors for Edward R Murrow Broadcasting and White House Press Photographers Association awards.  She also was a founding member of the Eppy (Editor & Publishing Award) award-winning Live Online discussion site -- watching the online vertical grow within a decade with interactive programming featuring newsmakers, celebrities and politicians.

Her research with virtual reality started decades ago, examining how virtual reality (VR) helps learning as a joint independent study with the Human Computer Interaction Program at the University of Maryland and University of Nottingham's department of occupational ergonomics.

Ms. Hong started her own consultancy, LE Brands Digital Media, LLC providing training and digital content strategies to media clients. She is an adjunct professor for Communications and Interactive Media graduate programs at Quinnipiac University.  






ORPHEUS VR is changing the mark in industries and research benefitting from 360/VR experiences.  To learn more,  please drop us a line at

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